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Beginner Investors

It is well known that many American millionaires made their money in real estate. If you are looking to join that elite crowd and are just getting started, Daniel has just what you need and knows where you're coming from. After all, it was the purchase of real estate properties that allowed him to retire from civil service at a young age and focus on his true passion: real estate. 


Aiming to get the best deal on a property to increase profit margins? Daniel not only has access to MLS listings, but frequently networks with sellers and wholesalers that have opportunities to purchase properties not yet on the market. Let him know what you're looking for today. 

Rental Investment

As an owner of multiple rentals in the Berks and Lancaster County areas, Daniel understands the challenge that comes with locating a property with a good CAP rate and in a good location for quality tenants. Contact him today to locate multi-family units, storage and commercial rentals.